<% Username="kimbal" Password="traffic" Validated = "OK" if Strcomp(Request.Form("User"),Username,1)=0 AND Request.Form("password") = Password then 'Set the validation cookie and redirect the user to the original page. Response.Cookies("ValidUser") = Validated 'Check where the users are coming from within the application. If (Request.QueryString("from")<>"") then Response.Redirect Request.QueryString("from") else 'If the first page that the user accessed is the Logon page, 'direct them to the default page. SESSION("LOGIN") = "TRUE" Response.Redirect "dchi.asp" End if Else ' Only present the failure message if the user typed in something. If Request.Form("User") <> "" then Response.Write "

Authorization Failed.

" & "
" & _ "Please try again.
" End if End if %>

You have reached the "Delta Chi Members Only" section.

To gain access you must anwser the following questions

Who is the short fucker that owes me $$?. ..... .(one L)
When you drag couch's onto the lawn, it was called "beer (_ _ _ _ _ _ _)"