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What can I say, the weather is finally breaking and Ive been busy bokonig concerts and photo shoots. I have the great privilege to shoot and meet Gogol Bordello twice last month, and looking fwd to this summer!




Time does fly. So here is a quick recap. I was voted one of Providence's most eligible, have been shooting concerts like crazy, and have been published on some of the artisits trips, winter, snow, snow, more snow. Works been great, and yeah. that about sums it up!

Slash, & Myles Kennedy played at Foxwoods along with Charmed City Devils. Great show and I was there to shoot it.
94 Whjy picked up the pictures
Also Hard Rock Daddy did a review of ths show with my photo.
Pretty awesome to see my work finally getting some recognition

Dead tired after shooting Godsmack last night. Sky box between bands, backstage hospitality suite after the show. Great night, but getting home at 5 am sucked!

Whirlwinds don't quite describe the winter! Alas summer is coming and I will update more hopefully....Many a shows were seen, many a drinks were drank. Some weddings, birthdays, and unique nights...Ill fill in the blanks soon!

Well last night was an epic one. I got to shoot The Offspring, Neon Trees, and Dead Sara. Then party my night away with all my different groups of friends, some of whom I had not seen in quite some time! Anyway awesomeness all around, and tonight I get to do it all again with another great band!

Summer has been awesome but unfortunately not as much skiing as I would have liked as of yet

Great relaxing weekend, got to see Candlebox on Sat night, and relaxed all day sunday. Got a busy week ahead but next weekend is the 40TH Ski show and always a great excuse to get out on the lake and see some old friends

Damn it has been a while...I can't really remember all the stuff that happened so I will blurt it out in random order: Leah moved to Switzerland, got engaged, I had a birthday, hurt my back, had boat trouble, had car trouble, had computer trouble, had cell trouble. Fourth of July was fun, wanted to kill some of my frie3nds, had many many house guests for the past few weeks, took a trip to block island, went to the casino, lost money, won on the penny slots, Finally got to ski this week, and have seen a few shows: DMB, Bush, Grouplove, Delta Spirit, Walk The Moon, Fiona Apple, Tonic, White Rabbits,

Vail was sick! Another closing weekend under my belt...and snow on the last day....highlights included: Drinking at the Red Lion. Hijacking a private car service, being called a hair slicking rude piece of Euro trash, Leah face planting, Amy not skiing, Matt not skiing, Sushi, and all around fun!

Band of skulls killed it last night at the met. What a great show and super friendly band, they have sold out almost all the larger venues on the tour, so to see them in a smaller venue was amazing. From the opening song "Sweet Sour" to the last song of the night they cranked it up. Photos are up, and I urge you to check these guys out if you get the chance!

So last week was interesting, but this week is the exciting one. Foxy Shazam tonight, and Band of Skulls on Wed! Also a few b-day's and some good weather has all the plants and flowers coming up....summer is close and it looking to be a good one!

Last week was a tough one, but in the end it turned out ok and I got to head out west for a few days on the slopes of Vail. So that being said, Vail was as it always is a amazing time with great people. I got to see Less than Jake perform in the village. Conditions were not ideal but the weather was perfect. Seeing everyone again was great, and I have very few photos to show (rarity) but I look forward to going back in April for closing weekend.

The next few weeks will be full of concerts, events, and fun stuff. Band of Skulls & Foxy Shazam, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Shinedown, and more. Ohh and St Pattys day too!

Stick around for more photos and stuff!

Last night was an Epic evening with "Fun" Sleeper Agent, and about 25-30 friends in the Tangerine Tower. Many a beers were had, and many a beers were spilled, the photos speak for themself! Tonight is Middle Class Rut & Chevelle. Can't wait!

2 nights in a row with rockstars hanging at TTT!



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Doge Ball

I have been very lax in updateing the last few months, but I have a big one coming up from my recent New Years celbration in Vail, and my latest trip to Venice for Carnival! (stay tunned)


Soo this week was pretty eventful, 3 concerts this week, met all of the bands by accident, article published in a local magazine, bar hoppped, and we had snow. Young Rapscallions played a show at the whiskey republic, ended up meeting and chatting with Chris "Mc Lovin" who plays drums. Along with the lead singer and bass player. Pretty good show, and some great photos fo such a tough setting. Then I shot Panic at the Disco and Foxy Shazam, bot at lupos. Awesome show, good lights and sound...I ended up pulling the lead singer of Foxy out of the croud to help him get backstage...he hung with me for a few minuted behind the bar, and them I showed him how to get to his bus.When I left the show to walk up the street I ran into The lead singer of Panic and we chatted about rock climbing, and his groupies. Then it was off to: tini, sullivans, rira, luxe, mc faddens, the dorrance, and who else knows where.


I know I suck, but in my defence I have been sick and not doing much, although I did make a trip to Spain for work (while sick) and came home even sicker! Spent the last month sleeping and trying to shake whatever I had, felt like mono. But I am back in good health and spirits and attending shows! YEAH! Halloween is right around the corner, and I am slowly getting excited about that, and winter will be here soon, so time to put away the water ski and break out the snow skis! I updated the concert lists, and photos from last weeks events....Smashing pumpkins, Viva Brother, Portugal The man...take a look, and I promise I will update with in a week or so!


Country Fest, meeting Kenny Chesney, Uncle Cracker, back stage in the rain, Hurricane Irene, no power for 1 week, 3 broken generators, shitty luck with construction contractors, bum tenants, packing and moving friends out of town, drinks, working too hard for too little, and dealing with people who should know better but dont. (summary of the last 3months)

Crap Lack of updates and soooo much to tell! Concerts, Prague, Construction horror stories, where do I begin! Well look at the photos and check back here in a day or so!


Wow, back from Vail and I hit the ground running! Last week was Taking back Sunday, Alakline Trio and Third Eye Blind. Dirty Deeds, the Ac/Dc tribute band, and yesterday was Cinco! Photos are up from all events, and Tonight is DEFTONES!

4-23 thru 4-25-11
The unreal Vail trip that was one for te record books! Red eye outta Boston into DIA at 11pm picked up high roller style personal driver full bar, and head right to the moutians. Quick pit stop in Silver Plume (old silver mining town) to grab some muffins and dainish from the wicked old bakery with an honnesty box, then back on the road to the chalet! Early morning (11am) head to the mountian, ski rental (hooked up thanks to a Coventry schoolmate) Lift tickets (via our gracious host) and on the mountian by 12pm. Couple of sick runs before heading up to chair 15 for some back bowl action. (tired hungry and dehydrated at 11,000 ft is no fun) So 3:30 and its time to hit the Red lion (session1). Phil greated us with open arms, and Obomb's and then we were quickly ushered to our table with the rest of the crew! Drinks, nachos, drinks, music, shout outs, dancing (did I mention drinks?) and then Drinks resumed. Quick dinner across the street...."hi can we have a table for 20?" reservation? nah....5 minutes later tadda! Steaks, wine, martinis, and a cutie on my lap sharing a steak and feeding me! (never ending pile of broccli)

Dinner over and back to The Lion for the 2nd session of the Phil Long circus I mean show, drinks, shots, singing, dancing, photos galore, and the introduction of the Rhode Islander (apple pucker, goldschlager and pineapple) which was a big hit, and finally around 1am we close the bar for the season. Quick ride home for a few hours sleep and back at it again in the am. Breakfest at Rte 6 dinner (rte 6 travels from RI all the way to Ca), ski rentals, liqour store run and off to the moutian. 1pm start time and its already a shit show! First chair up with 2 bottles of champange and a case of beer on my back, camera, video, and food as well, we headed up to a deck party top of chair 3. Then it was off to the 4 @ 4 celebration.....Nothing, and I do mean nothing could have prepared me for that expirence! I have been to some great parties, and amazing events, but this was EPIC. I have never seen so many people in costumes, skis, drinking and partying like this.....well over 1000 people having one last throw down party before spring. The weather broke and it started to snow, we set up camp in a sea of bodies, skis, and snowboards fashioned into bars, music everywhere, food, drinks, drugs, I kiddingly said all we need is nudity, and as if the gods heard me there it was. The party was outstanding, unfortunatly Amy missed it due to her special travel accomidations down the mountian) but the video and photos are here for you to see. I hope it will not be a once in a lifetime expirence, because it was just awesome!

left the mountian at about 5pm skiing was not so fun. People flailing and falling everwhere, made our way to the village, tried to get some pizza but ended up walking to Frost for food there. Got a little carried away and left late for the trip back to DIA, travel conditions prevented us from making the time we needed to get to the airport, so we ended up staying overnight and trying to take the flight the next night. Low an behold, that flight is delayed so the 11pm flight is now a 12am flight.....nope 1am....nope canceled (Thank god my dad taught me well) I was first inline to rebook and early morning flight....all others got stuck on a 1pm flight the next day.

Above & Beyond last night in Boston, Bassnectar earlier this week, and a nice long weekend of Easter, Passover, etc. Have a good time, be safe, look for photo's on monday!

again my lack of posts means lots of funstuff has been going down and I have not had the time nor the inclination to write about it. The Whiskey Republic is now open on South Water street, and it is a great place to grab a drink on the water. Fish and Chips = Amazing! Cute bartenders with awesome drinks what else could you want? Last week was Tiesto and Chesney, Beerfest, and wild photo shoots. Check out the photos, and lmk what you think!

When the record label guy said to me "Your the reason this shows happening" it didn't really sink in...but today I gotta say thatlooking back at that now...I feel freeking cool!

1st meeting of the PJL tonight!

Ahh snow, I love thee! Shoveled and broke ice all morning, then had an articulating Payloder come make 8-9' snow banks!

Sevendust, Korn, Disturbed...MoSun, sick show!

So much to catch up on I don't know where to start. Vail Photos are up! 2 door Cinema Club, Tokyo Police club, Young the Giant, and more...details of the trip, Red lion, etc coming soon! Till them Check out the pictures!

What can I say about Denver / Vail....I always smile and have a blast when I am there...and this time was no different. Flew into DIA a day early due to the impending nor-easter we were getting and got picked up by Kola-bear. After a quick ride we settled into our home for the next few days...a nice place in Lowery (Bad Boy's comments insued). Had a few drinks and called it a night. The next day (wed) we had a little lunch at the dirty bird, and my buddy Matt met us with his son who is walking now! Crazy since last trip out there I was feeding him from a bottle! So Wed night we hit downtown Denver, something I had never done in the 4 times prior I was there....Gotta say I love Denver even more now that I got a taste of the city...cute girls, flip for drinks, and just a nice overall walking city. Went to a cool bar called ______was amazing little champange bar and lounge. Then we walked over to flip night at ________. Great underground bar with natural wood and edison lights....great! After a few hours of drinking we left (pit stopping to take photos) and called it a night. Thurs afternoon we started the trek to Vail...again pit stopping in Idaho Springs for a brew tour and some grub....yummy! Finally hit Vail village about 6pm and dropped our stuff at the AWESOME condo we rented for the next few days....what a place! 2 bed 2 bath, great room, fire place, deck, full kitchen....this place was easily over 500k. Best of all it is in the village, so walking to all the bars, shops, and lifts!

Hit the Oar house for a quick drink and bite to eat then Frost for a nightcap! Friday 8am time to hit the slopes! My buddy Jason was driving in to meet up with me, since Matt L was still sick and unable to ski. Got my rentals and hit the slopes at 9:42am. Place was lift lines, and a little overcast (storm was coming). Jason and his buddy and I went right to the back bowls....It took me a few runs to get used to the ski's (Vokli ac30's) but after a bit of work I started sking like I was a local. Blue Sky and China bowl are sick. We made a few tree runs, and found some pow stashes, and skied non-stop all day. 3:30pm and I was spent! They were driving back so we called it a day and went our seperate ways.

I went to return the ski's and wanted to demo something else the next day....while in the shop I ended up speaking with a really knowledgable guy...Whatda know...he is from my home town, and even better....we played soccer together! Crazy!

So after getting the ski's lined up for Sat I shoot back to the condo and we decide to go out for Apres. First stop the brewpub for a little food and beer. Next stop the George, happy hour 3-9 with 4$ "you call it"? WoW! next stop, Pizza and some interesting waitress conversations...then liquor store for a bottle of Lemon Chelo (for Matt L's Birthday celebration)...(see photos). Pheew I am tired just re-capping this! Next was another trip to Frost with the B-day boy where he almost picked up the cute blonde waitress who was going to board with him on sunday...sadly however that didnt happen. Next off bedtime b/c we had an early morning and LONG Sat planned.....

Sat am, woke up late (go figure) and hit the slopes alone at around 10. Longer than normal lift lines, but I quickly made my way to the top of blue sky. Skied a few runs on the new tigershark skis, and they were great! Met up with Langhorne about mid day for a few runs, and then rushed back to the condo to shower, and change up before hitting the Red lion!

Happy 2011 everyone...its been a hell of a year already!

What a week, did the good old Wed. night party, tried to recover Thurs, but ended up goign to a Celtics game, and took a nice ski weekend with the boys! Skied loon mtn, knee is 100%, back to the grind now!

12-17-10 (great song)
I got a small circle, I’m not with different crews
We walk the same path, but got on different shoes
Live in the same building, but we got different views
I got a couple cars I never get to use
Don’t like my women single, I like my chicks in twos
And these days all the girls is down to roll
I hit the strip club and all them bitches find a pole
Plus I been sippin’, so this shit is movin’ kinda slow
Just tell my girl to tell her friend that it’s time to go
Women are possessive, and they wanna possess Wayne
I been fly so long I fell asleep on the fuckin’ plane
As the world spins and dance in my hands
Life is a beach, I’m just playin’ in the sand

Our new Government seal!

Anberlin and Civil Twilight tongiht!

Got to spend the night @ the Rose Island Lighthouse doing paranormal research. Pretty awesome, ended up walking the island at 3am and exploring the bunkers, gun turrets, and the armory. Beach was covered with tens of thousands of dead mussles.

Opening of Icon lounge, Neon Trees, and OkGo tonight, Nick Cannon at many places to go!

Wonders at what point he became such a sarcastic cynical smartass, who seemingly could solve everyone else’s problems with a few quick witted remarks and a sly grin.

It’s not the kind of car you drive, how much money you make, how many friends you have…its not how many people you’ve slept with, what kind of watch you wear, or who you can impress… it’s not a competition to get the most friends on facebook, see the most concerts, or have the newest nicest things…we all die….we end up in the same place….What matters is what you did with your life, how you treated people and if you left this world a better place. Will you be remembered, or quickly forgotten….will people speak about you with love, respect, and admiration…. tell stories of the fun times and joy you brought to their lives….that is what keeps the soul alive. Did you help those in need of help when they needed help, or strive to improve only yourself? Were you callous with others emotions, putting them down to make yourself feel better?

Could you look in the mirror and truly say you’re a good person, friend, parent, teacher, leader.
Are you willing to change?
Life is the choices we make…they are not always right and wrong, good an bad, sometimes the best intentions end badly…we all know what is morally right …whether we accept responsibility for our actions is yet to be seen (and yes, I wrote this)

Weekend crazyness is now over and I can give my liver and my legs a rest....saw Say Anything, and Motion City Sdtrk this weekend, and partied it up with the crew...Tried some new places which is a lways to sample the vodka infused whipped cream...AWESOME...and took some great photos. Snow was falling this morning, and now it is time to get into ski shape!

Ke$ha last night was a blast, she gave GREAT Camera! See the photos and notice the many eye to eye contact! Also had a little sorieie last evening after the show with some friends which was long overdue! Last week was The Phoenix show which was also great, and a new band 2 door cinemia club opened....Catch them coming soon to the met!

Saw 3O3H! last week at Lupos...quite the party band!

Vegas was sick as always...met a few new friends whilst out there and got to see Deamu5 spin at Vanity for an after hours show....for the bubble of course! Learned to play craps that night, (not for the bubble) but throwing dice was fun as hell!

Crazy two nights of parties and photos....Wed, the infamous School Girl night @ Club Hell, and Last night was GGW III. Many of the photos will never see the site due to graphic nudity and just plain wrongness! Amazing few days, and tonight is Buck Cherry and Nickleback! Next week more of the same!

So much drama in the pvd....I have had little time to Check out the photos from this weeks shows! The grand Re-Opening of "THE MET" was last night, and I got to shoot Civil Twilight again....they put on a great show along with Kodiac Attach and Foredoes me Quite. Last weekend was the Labor day fireworks, and Josh and Liz's awesome party, and Coheed and Cambria which I also shot (stop reading and start looking at pictures)!

Sacrastic cute girls who like to joke, bust balls, and travel make my heart pitter patter.....if only there were more of them!

Yesterday sucked....seemed like everyone took a stupid pill! Good news was I got to tailgate with a bunch of friends at the Paramore show! Other than the sound guy sucking the show was great! Photos are up, and I think I did a pretty damn good job for shooting with my little back up camera! Big thanks to "the Ambassador" for the shots of whiskey and peanuts after the show, ohh and for telling me to go left!

Wow almost a month and not one single update on updates have been often thou! I've been seeing moving and shaking over the last month...4th of July party was awesome as usual! got to see a bunch of shows lately: Weezer, crowded house, The flaming lips, Sponge, Ted Nugant, The lemon Heads, Offspring, 311, the constellations (sp). I bought a house, and got the caddy on the road, spent last weekend on BI, which never disappoints, and partied it up with some new friends....Paramore tomorrow night, Social D on friday.

Lindy's 21st Birthday Photos!!!

Wow! What a great night! Gogol Bordello in a small lounge setting, re-united with "fighting cock 103 whiskey" drinks, photos, meet and greet with the band. All that on top of a successful day of work and readying for the 4th. All in all a super night...

Great weekend again free Wbru show on Friday night, followed by a bar hop around the city...Sat night rained but I still managed to make it out for some bevereges with 3 swiss cuties....then shuffle board and late night pizza! Sunday was awesome, golf with Mike, Mark, and Sean....just fun times...although I thought we were going to get kicked off the course with some of the antics!

Wow, what a weekend....It started Wed, and lasted thru Sunday Photos and full descripton to follow! (nope...if you were there you know what transpired....if you were'nt...oh well)

Its my B-day!

AFI and WBRU SCS 1 = Fun fun media pass, front row, shots, drinks, after hours, celtics! Photos are up and it was a doosey!!!!

Cinco party photos, Audio Swagger pictures, Pearl Jam, View's one year anniversary, Party's galore, man I am tired....taking this week off (tues-wed)

Rusted Root on Thurs! Blues Traveler on Friday, Flobots Sat!

So I have been feeling under the weather since last week, tired, drained, just poopy. Thankfully I snapped out of it last night. But it was tough....drinks, just didnt sit well....but there is something about being grabbed by cute girls who want you to take photos of them. Nothing bad, just pictures of "me and my girls". Anyway, see the results in the photo section....most are pg, there may be a few nc-17 (ok like 10 but its not my fault)

site upgrade and addition of some new photos! Now over 85 different concerts, minor alteration to the restricted acess photos, better layout for ease of viewing. Enjoy!

Whats new you ask....well the great flood of 2010 took up another 2 weekends after I was sick...pumping basements, and buildings out, ripping out carpet and drywall is not very fun at all! So I made up for the time I was sick and cleaning basements recently... these past 2 weeks have been insane, concerts galore, parties, themed bar nights, bar hops. etc Check out the photos of all that and more!

Being sick sucks....home in bed all weekend....

Dinner w Leah....then Drinks with Boots! Finally a bar hop to Red Fez, then Scurvy!

Julian Casablancas from the Strokes, live at Lupos, followed by drinks....Good show!

Missed Dashboard to see Robert Cray! Wow....I know why that guy has won 5 Grammys! Then Drinks @ TOTT for Cody's B-day....Happy B-day Princess!!!

So much to say...3-21-10
Things have been a little crazy these past few weeks....from car shows and awards dinners to , nights out in Miami, birthday party's, concerts, St Pattys Day NCAA games, and to top off the weekend Bruins vs Rangers tix in the Lux box....Photos are up, and a full run down is coming....but not now b/c I am off to see Dashboard Confessional!

out of work for 7 days, caught up in under 5 hours....and enough time to post the photos from my trip....I could get used to this

Touch down in RI, back from Denver 3pm, and now on my Way to Killington! Let the good times roll!

it's hard work living up to my reputation....but I keep doing it! Skied Steamboat today with "Champange Powder" shreaded it!!!! made the trip in 2:50min, Got fresh tracks on presidents day??? breakfast burrito, then second run double blacks....I wanted to kill tree bowl...our legs were not even aclimated to 10k feet!
We found some awesome pow stashes, and skied from 9 am til 3:30 with only 1, one hour break for lunch!

cant wait to hit copper and piece wed here we come!

About to be rocky mtn high....Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies in my life, I love you all, and in different ways because your all unique!

and on the 5th day i said....why say no when it feels so good to say yes!

attempting to go 19 days with no coffee or beer....I maybe cranky, but my liver isn't

1-26-10 (updated from yesterday)
Really...... Really? 4 days in vegas, several un-explainable battle scars, and one hell of 1st time trip for one of the boys! ! Ohh did I forget to mention that it was raining so hard the streets were flooded....I swear I saw a kayak going down the strip!

The trip started off a little slow, litterly! The taxi was like 30 mins late picking us up, and we thought we were going to miss the flight....arrived in plenty of time and decided to start the trip off with a beer in the airport....that led to drinks on the plane....We saw some friends who where on the same flight and mad plans to maybe meet up later on....Wed night Sunny and I arrived to "The" hotel, check in was a little rocky, but they made up for it with a nice comp. Mike had asked us to take it easy till he arrived, but that didnt happen....Sunny and I hit the ground running! Drinks and a burger at HOB, Drinks at Red Square, Drinks and dancing @ Lax, it was a full blown night out on the town

Thursday am - "the mission" food...breakfast at luxor (ick) taxi to Mirage to get the tickets for the show that night, and did a little gambleing....all day walking around in the umbrellas to be found...lucky the concierge gave us pink and white ponchos(we looked awesome!)....we hit the forum shops at ceasers, largest watch store in the world....(found a phone bank)...and a guy on the streets selling $3 umbrellas...ella ella ella YEA! Back to the hotel....Then our wolfpack grew by 1 with the arival of Gabe! Quick shower for him and a beer and we were off to see Terry Fator....

(**On the way to the show we had what was undoubtly the thing that set the tone for the trip....we met our taxi driver I can not even begin to tell you about alex and do him any justice! This was one crazy mofo! Alex is from Iran, he worked in carnival crusie lines as an acrobat, and is in the book of world records for balancing on his cousins chin on a sword. Alex was crazy, we did tranny drops, drove on the wrong side of the road to miss speed bumps, spun tire at every red light and stop sign...It was scary funny....people cut us off and it was on! You son a my bitch! Alex was nuts...and we loved him! when we arrived at Mirage, all of us were white as ghosts and laughing our asses off! Alex gave me his cell and said I like you call me I come take you anywhere you want...***wasn't that the truth***)

Anyway at the mirage Terry Fator, 8th row and all I can say is of the best shows I have seen...that guy is truly amazing! Not only can he do amazing impressions, he does it with out moving his lips!!!If you go to vegas see that show!
After the show, I was approached by a lovely lady who asked if I had plans for the night....NO! she was not a hooker, she was the hostess of the Revolution Bar....Kool MoDee was playing that night and she hooked us up with passes....coiencidenly Paully D was there the next night....anyway we did some drinks at the bar, and then decided to head over to Hard Rock instead....we did drinks at the bar there, and then we wanted to go into "Wasted Space" or waste of space depending on your accent! $40 a head.....I think not....after a few minutes we found someone with passes and got in for $ know what that means! Drinks! pretty decent band played Scott something and the Big Band...anyway after that we were going to hit Vanity, but decided to try XS over at the Wynn, the line wasn't bad but a bunch of people were leaving telling us not to bother it was way to we hit up the hotel lobby for a quick bite...thats where we met Collette, she was a cutie from Washington, who liked to dance in the rain while wearing gollashes and a white tee shit....she was also leaving for Amsterdam a week later....she was fun and we tortured her but she played right into it....anyway after a great pizza, and more drinks we left and decided to try rumjungle at our the time we got to rum jungle....unfortunatly it was closed** we decided called it a night (**foot note you will see a trend here)

Friday - up early, breakfest - no rain! yipee....(the mission continues for one of us)....took gabe to see the shops at Cesars (phone bank photo), walked around and saw a bit of the town ....hit up Aria....WOW an engineering marvel! Then our wolfpack grew to 3 with the arrival of Mike! We hit the hotel to greet him and started off the trip right guessed it.....drinks....

(we were supposed to take it easy on Friday and blow it out on sat)

So we figured a nice drink at the HOB Foundation room, then a steak dinner at Nine Steakhouse, bottle of wine maybe some drinks at Ghostbar....yeah all that happened, but not quite the quiet evening! We took some awesome pictures from the HOB, (best view on the strip), then we hit dinner....Mike got his first expirence with Alex....the drive over was exciting! and the look on his face was priceless! Nine Streak house...I brought my friend some cookies from the hill and he was thrilled! He pointed out a girl who was also from Providence....did I know her? Not at first, but it turned out we did know each other after all....anyway an awesome dinner (bone in filet) wine, drinks, (watching the couple on a bad date....(she was playing scrabble on here iphone)) a quick apertif, and then off to Ghostbar! That place is always awesome, and so the nice quiet night slowly (ok quickly) slipped out of view! Shots, drinks, photos, Little Willy.
We partied like rockstars...and changed our minds just as quickly....Playboy club? Ok....Moon? your name Erik? no but my friends is....your the cutest white!...dancing, spanking, hair pulling, pinching all on the dance floor....lion king!

Honnestly....I wish I could remember everything that happened....but sadly I cannot (and that might not be a bad thing) I do remember leaving the club and heading back... on the way I had a brillient idea....lets see the Las vegas Sign! *see photos* after the sign we went back to the hotel...Rum Jungle...closed, I was toast so I headed to bed...but I hear that a trip to LAX also ended in disapointment as they were closed....

Sat - ouch....what happend last night! Really....Really? wow...ok so lets go get some food! Lunch @ HOB, then off to old vegas! Good times! little gambling, 2$ lobsta, 4$ steaks! some great photos, and just a fun cheap day! Back to the hotel for a nap...We got a VIP @ Aria tonight eta 11pm...power nap...not quite....woke late...quick change and off to the races.... Aria was crazy, they had line 15 different lines to get in...we had to go thru 7....nuts....anyway Natasha met us and we got to the right line....only problem was, it was the wrong club! We had VIP at EVE not HAZE! ooops! "hey want to do a table here? Bottles are only $545 each w/o tip and tax" ummm...nah..But as luck would have it, Katy Perry was performing live that into HAZE we go (sans vip).... and so the last night in vegas starts!
Haze was great, after a few laps thru the club I became friendly with a bouncer, and as luck would have it seconds before Katey came on, sunny gabe and I grabbed a free vip! we saw Katy sing "waking up in vegas" right across from us (see video) and partied it up....after the show maybe 2am we bounced to "the sign" again for more photo ops! Then decied to hit up Rum Jungle.....fucking closed again....ok lets try LAX....closed....really.....really in vegas! Closed at 3am....ok fine....

And then it happened...I muttered the 2 letters that made for my most memorable night in vegas.....OG!
"Hello this is OG",
Hi what time are you open till?
We're open 24 hours

Now I must say this part of the trip was mentioned many times over the last few days, however no-one really thought it would happen....So a quick call back to alex....OG!!!! he yelled? You bet alex....ok I see you in 5 minutes! and off we I had been to the OG one time before, and from what I rememberd it was a pretty cool place...we got there and alex said he had to leave...but call him and he would come get us when ever we we go in, I am going to guess around you guys want to get a much are bottles here? $325 plus tax and tip? Ohh and you'll throw in a bottle of Sky for free? SURE!!!! So we get 2 bottles of vodka and away we go...

For this next part I am only going to be able to say key words
(because from there on all I have are memory fragments)
: Sweeden, tu' follow portugese? do you know elizibeths in I'm allset I dont really dance, 1st time here? ahh virgins! hey you got any cash left? no but you owe me a $100 for that bottle, ouch!!!, did you just say that? nice backpeice, you have how many peircings? owww...charlie horse! can you get me a deal on a sewing machine, have you met my girlfriend?.....ALEX!!!!!! nice pants....are those leather? I love your searsucker jacket! Do not look at your fucking watch! ahh we gotta go....stick the bottle under your shirt and lets walk out....

now picture us walking out of a club not knowing what time it is, and opening the door.....Bam!!! We should have ran like vampires from a thousand burning suns! It was soooo bright....wheres the shit, a green mercedes? nice! quick trip to Natasha's hotel, 5 people throwing things into 4 suitcases, 10 minutes to pack up a room and then back to our hotel....water fight!!!!! ohh im sorry about that....I have no idea where that came from! scary silence for a minute....whos hungry? So off to the 2-4-1 hob special....what do you mean it is a gospal that hint or something? ohh we can go in the Hi bethany....4 waters, 4 coffees, 4 mimossas please!
how old is the girl with the braces? aww shucks! my chest hurts... OMG!!!! what the fuck is that??? anyway it was a great breakfast, and upon leaving the table....some of us slept, others could not....lets get out of here....and away to the airport we went.....

I love las vegas!
(new nicknames: Bono, boots, Erik, nipples (old nick but but back, Alan, Cupcake, Lion King, whitey)

New photos are up under
Awesome time last night at Twin Rivers newest bar "Wicked" cheap food and prob one of the best sports bars I been to in RI. Then off to RIRA for a pint with some long lost friends, and finally Colossem nightclub....just go look at the photos....I'm still speachless!

Switch foot put on a good show last night....a few beers, good friends, a few more beers...bam its 2:30 in the morning and the bars closed at 1am? where did that extra hour and a half come from! Good night though, good night!

So thanksgiving was a huge sucess, as always I cooked with mom, and everything came out great! Last week back in Florida for the Pats vs Miami game....unfortunatly they lost in the last qtr. This week catch up with friends, holiday partys, a concert of course, and SNOW! Check out the photo page for some goodies!

Wow, I am just finally recovered from Halloween, and the cold I had for the 10 days prior! So much happened I dont know if I can remember it here is a summary....Halloween (pictures are up) sick night, limo, Nylo, Mc Faddens, RiRa, jello shots, beer, vodka, some decent costumes, lots of drunk girls dressed as risque as possible. Concerts, I got to shoot Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) @ lupos, did the meet and greet, and the entire show, awesome time, got some photos featured on! Dave Mason @ Narrrow, front row, amazing jam session, met Dave after the show...really cool.

More to come....for now check out the photos!

long time no update....lets see where to start, I had a nice trip to the west coast, San Fran to be more specific...awesome time! Hit up napa, had lunch at Bortega, got to visit a castle and was one of the few who climbed to the closed turret to take some photos, went to alcatraz, china town, the golden gate park, Haight Ashbury, Castro street, you name it I did it! Back to RI just in time for OCT FEST in Newport, and a quick overnight trip to NYC....very cool met up witha friend from MB for sushi, then hit up Tavern on the green....back to RI another little Concert blitz, got my first real press pass to shoot AFI the other night...awesome! Was at SilverSun & Cage Sat night, sans camera which was a downer...but ended up having a condo party with about 20 people after the show which was way cool. Then off to State for a drink before walking the bus tunnel to thayer st! Anyway Tonight is the bar and nightclub expo so thats going to kick some ass, and tomarrow night is White Rabbit at club hell! Super excited about that show. Check out the pictures!

WBRU Charity auction went well last night....raised over $1300 for save the bay....Ironic, I endend up in a bidding war with a girl for one peice, and all the others I bid on never had a second I intimidating or something? Anyway, great time, perhaps a few networking contacts for more concert shoots....Some new photos up under the concert page, and also under the Wed section....School Girl theme night this past week rocked as always....met some nice girls, michelle, kate, kates friend....enjoy and stay tuned for Willy's come back and a possible trip to Vegas!

40 new concerts photos are up as are the last few weeks of parties, nights out, and other random happenings

What a week it has been, work, work, work....injured knee, no skiing, and a little partying on Wed night...other than that it was a quite week....and with hurricane 2 on the way it looks like its gonna be a wet weekend! shoot me a msg if your out an about!

Ok so here goes, I got lawn seats for the Crue Fest....decided to bring my buddy Donnie, and hang out maybe see some friends who also are suposed to be there....last minute I get a call from Mike askin if I wanted seats instead....well seats are better than I drive to meet him and low and behold our "seats" turn out to be a VIP box! we head up to the show, and I give my tickets to another friend of mine who wanted to go....end up seeing everyone in the parking lot, limos, food out the ying yang, a stripper bus, just a total shit show....long story short, we end up going in and on the way I see this amazing girl (see photo) who turns out to be one of the bass players daughter! go figure! try to go in, they wont let me bring a camers (bs) back to the car, get in finally and we ende up not only with vip parking, but a buffet, private bathrooms, full liqour bar etc. it was sick! Quick crown and diet and off to our seats! on the way we see our friend Frank who took us in the sound booth for Godsmack! unreal! the gadgets, and setting these guys do are just crazy! I was trying to watch the show but was mezmirized by the lights, and buttons....I had a bad case of add! The guys from Creed were in the booth too! Anyway the drum solo kicked ass as always, and the show was great....Motley crue sucked, Vince couldn't catch his breath, and Tommy fucked his hand up playing with sparklers so he wasnt drumming, just running around being an emcee. Off to the bus....yep the tour bus! chilled out with Frank and his crew, and the guys from one of the bands, had a few more beers, and then off to providence! Hit up Blu around 11pm more drinks and dancing! Met a couple of kids from Italy and chatted about Venice and Rome, mroe dancing, someone mentioned Patron....not cool! Shots, and a nearly a regurg....closed that place and then heading to Giovanis for a slice (not sure how we ended up there!) then finally back home....extra curricular activities and bed by 3am! Wow....amazing how a little $10 lawn seat ended up being so damn cool!

Another busy week! Pj party on wed night, Donnies B-day on Tuesday night, Kenny Chesney Last night, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Band of Skulls tonight! Newport storm Luau Sat! Kenny was awesome last night, the drive sucked, traffic was terrible and the police were brutal with directing parkign, but I ended up getting there finally! Vip parking, vip pre party with Corona, 5th row seats, and a ton and I mean TON of hotties running around in boots and skirts with braided was a sight to be seen! Ended up driving back from Hartford, to get in around 2am and find a full size Doe eating plants at my front door! I dont know who was more frightened! ANyway 8am I got to take a awesome run on the lake and tonight its back into concert mode! Have a good weekend....I know I will

Wow, what a month...but more accurately what a week....I saw 10 bands this week! Ac-DC, ANVIL, Kid Rock, Skynyrd, The Gin Blosoms, Depeche Mode, Peter Bjorn, Tom Morola, Metric, Cage the Elephant, Airborn Toxic Event! I hung back stage with 4 of them, played corn hole ( or bean toss ) with one of them till 4am, and basically partied like a rock star! Took tons of pictures, made new friends, danced my ass off, and really just lived it up. Thanks to all the people who made it happen, the ticket hook ups, the beer hook ups, the vip hook ups, you know who you are, and you know how much I love and appreciate it! Thanks for thinking of me! And next show I will be having the VIP VIP party and my place between sets!


WOW...I am not going to lie, this month has been crazy....4th of July rocked, the party was one of the best in years, no rain, people partying till 6 in the morning, and awesome fireworks. Then that next week it was off to Sabego Maine for the annual Boys weekend...again legendary! Crazy conditions on the lake, huge currents and almost rapids in some areas. Then Sunday morning after a 3am night on the town I drove back for a 80th B-day party in Newport....bascily I went from camping in the woods to High Society Newport in 7 hours! Frank Sinatra Jr performed that night, and it was a great event. This weekend was a spur of the moment rock show with my girl Leah coming thru with some STP tickets....WOW what a night...they put on a hell of a show (see photos) after that, a little gambling and some beers, and very little sleep after the 2 hour drive (thanks fog & rain) I managed to make the 11am ferry to Block Island! Newport Storm Blue Berry Beer for breakfast, Ballards by 12, Corona by 12:05. Ended up meeting some sweetheart of a girl out there for her friends Bachlorette party, and ended up introducing them to the band....15 in all ended up on stage doing a song! After a day at Ballards, we hit the National hotel for an apres party, then on to the Spring House for a unforgetful dining experience! They finally the Yellow Kitten....I cannot go into details but I can say it was a legendary trip! (see the pictures)

After nearly a month of rain the sun is finally out! Lets hope it stays this way thru July 4th!!!!

WOW so many Birthday emails, txt's, and facebook updates!!! Thank you all that really made my day, NIN and Janes Addiction, and Street Sweeper that evening, then a little bar hopping, Thursday night dinner with the Fam...then off to the Veronicas show @ Lupos which was very good, not just because it was packed with 18-20 year old girls (that was a bonus) but the band put on a suprisingly good rock show! Tonight I am off to see Richie Haven's and Emily Elbert, then off to the city, so if your reading this on 6-5-09 hit me up and see where Im at....if not, look at the pics and see what you missed!

With the warm weather comes more frequent updates! This weekend was insane, Franz Fernand on Friday @ Lupos, 15yr Renuion on Sat, WBRU Summer cocert on Sunday with Third Eye Blind...Hanging with new friends, doing shots between bands, VIP bathroom runs to the condo, and last minute Celts win! Wow...really good photos will be posted and yours truly could possibly end up doing media for the up coming concerts....

Kenney Chesney 2nd row, $6000's a hand Black Jack, Cage the Elephant mosh pit, Fatty McGees 1yr aniversary party, New Eats on Federal Hill, and so much more! Watersking has started up again, and it is shaping up to be one hell of a summer. Check out the photos, and get ready for the Cinco de Mayo party!

Corona Spring Fling @ Jiminy Peak in Ma was this past weekend....along with tons of great skiing and 45 degree days we got to see the soap box race, bikini skiing, the pond skimming and some crazy people! BUT, the highlight of the trip was when I hooked up a snowcat ride!!! We went from the base up to the peak, groomed a trail top to bottom, and then Mike and I skiied the fresh snow. It was awesome, and I have a new respect for the goomers....Picture and video will be up tomarrow!

St Patty's Day was Awesome, I met some great people, a really cute girl, and had a blast with Mike as always....Ther are some photos are posted already, as are the pictures from St Marteen....Look for the one of Me, Reggie Bush, and Kim Kardashian!

Quick update, colorado pics are up as are the 2009 Bartenders Ball pics. It was a wild crazy trip that included, face plants, chute's, tree skiing, falling into trees, drinking, powder days, 0 visibility, Red Lion VIP, swingers, milfs, cougers, shots, NC State Fans, near death excersise, ball waxing, drunk dialing, and hang overs. And that was just Friday! 3 full days of skiing, for me a flight back to PVD (which was late) A quick shower, throwing on a tux and partying it up at the Bartenders Ball 2009 held at the Westin hotel.

check back later for a full run down of the details!

New pictures up....Holidaze, Hell, Antartica adventure, and also Little Willy has an update!

Happy 2009 Y'all! What a crazy year the last 364 days were, so much drama, crazy gas prices, new additions to the family for some, moving out of state for others, concerts, parties, lay-offs, vacations....I can say I am happy to be done with 2008!

New Years was fun, the holidaze were great (glad there over thou) and I have some photos to post, so check back this weekend, and happy healthy!

So what do you get when you mix a little holiday cheer, some stoli blue, me, my friend Leah, and Scott got it...WBCN X-mas rave! Photos are up already! (yup i know quick like bunny) The show was amazing, the drinks good, conversation "interesting" & the afterparty (hell) did not fail to please. Why are you still reading this...check out the photos!

Rev. Horton Heat was Wed night, and after a little rockabilly music, Nashivlle Pussy, and some wiskey it was time to head straight to HELL! Look at the know how to get there!

Beer fest photos are up! Check out for the crazy shots Willy took at the show!

All I can say is hell yeah! What a weekend!!! I was extremely fortunate enough to score 2 VIP passes to Rock the ink 2008 which took place Friday afternoon thru Sunday night at the dunkin donuts center and the RI convention center. I had access to all the events, all the concerts, backstage, hospitality suites, and "almost" free reign of the entire place. I met tons of the Miss Tattoo contestants, I got to see Drowing Pool, Saliva, Seven Dust, Godsmack, Badfish, Joint Damage, and Bret Micheals closed the show last night. I got to hang out in Godsmacks dressing room, with the band, their family and friends (thanks to Rach, Frank & Donnie), Chilled with the Rock of Love girls both Sat and Sunday nights, I met the drummer and guitar player, and keyboard guy from BMB, chilled out backstage with Vinny Paz and Mike from CES boxing, and over all just rocked out all weekend. I spent time watching the load in and out of all the stacks, amps, and P.A systems, and the coolest thing was coming and going as I pleased, which allowed for a trip to my favorite places for lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever...anyway check out the photos from the shows, and if you missed the festival this year look for it in 2009!

Black Crows @ Lupos tonight....pregame party, If you missed Octoberfest this weekend, your liver is probably saying thank you....Beerfest is coming to the RI Convention center soon, so get ready, and next weekend is Inkfest! Godsmack , Saliva, Taproot, Sevendust....

Hey everyone, check out the Pictures from the set of Brotherhood which is filming in Providence. They did a shoot outside my building yesterday and I was chillin with the crew. I took some video soon as I convert it I will post it

Yes New Pictures are up....check em out! Some new links here!!! Pics from "The Cult" show at Lupos, "The Wombats" @ Club Hell, School girl night, Skiiing pics, random nights on the town, grand opening of "State" and lots of other goodies! Ohh ever wonder what a sheep fucker looks like? Wow you really are sick if you clicked that link!

Yes I has been a while....but I have been skiing and working myself to death, and with all the summer partys, weddings, funerals, concerts, and stripper contests I have been a little tied up. Anyway stick in there because this week I HAVE POSTED the first round of summa lovin photos for your amusement!


So here is a last minute blog on the month of July...It has certianly been an interesting month, $100 dosent cover a full tank of gas, road trips to Atlantic city via west 24th st at 3pm on a friday during rush hour....the never ending winning streak on each and every slot machine, NJ meat heads and gum snapping gals, methed out whore strippers with 3 teeth, and that was just one weekend! No skiing due to a cracked ski, impulsive purchases, (new boat), Foxwoods dinner (yummy steak) rain, rain, rain...Seven Dust Concert w/ alterbridge sound board, back stage, tour bus...3am tuesday night with 1/2 naked girls on the pole...that pretty much sums up the month....Bring on August!!! Block island, skiing agian finally, and some nice weather!



Well anyone who missed me last weekend missed on hell of a time...Newport on Friday night, partying till the sun came up, Willy was out and about too! so check out his page for the photos! Then hit up Jonnies ABC for some EVP vollyball...after that was a nice relaxing day on the lake, followed by an afternoon siesta...later that night Chinese Laundry for dinner, some dancing over at Olives with my boys from Something Else Band, and finally it was time to sleep! Sunday brunch and then a day on the lake jet skiing and chilling out....Its as good as rehab in vegas, with out the topless girls....but they dont let you jetski in the pool!

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who called, emailed, wrote, etc wishing me a happy B-day...I ended up having a good night, and a better morning! I could have done without the food poisioning thou! Anyway, thanks again, and lets go grab some drinks tonight...thirsty thursdays @ Harbourside!

Ugggh!! Boy am I beat....Vegas was a blast, but not that I am back home for a day all the fun started to sink in...Here is a recap...Thurs night...arrive at 10 check into hotel, 10:45 find out that the room was upgraded to a suite! Sweet! Call Mark, they are heading to Tao...drop my bags, change my shirt, sprint to the Veniatian hotel...Arrive there 11:45 cant get in /bc even thou we're on the list. Head to the Wynn for drinks! Catch a few shows there, and have a few cocktails, then back to P.H for a few more drinks and steak and eggs...4:45am (mark had to work at 6am) ouch!
Sat morning I slept in alittle, then checked out the pool...not bad, but not great...10am Karlie, Tonia, Sunny arrive...12pm head to Mandalay to meet Mark & Tonia, drinks in route! meet them and hit their now that is what I call a pool...lazy river, wave pool, and more girls than Wilt Chamberlin would know what to do with. Lunch and drinks, before walking around some...back to PH...Nap...zzzz...zz....zzzzz, shower, head to House Of Blues Foundation room 65th floor Manadlay for drinks! (funny story to go along with this portion of the trip) then off to the Palms for dinner @ Nine Steakhouse, I saw a friend of mine who is a cook there, and got a tour of the kitchen....(very impressive)...Dinner, drinks, line passes! Rain (awesome club) dance drink, dance, then off to Ghost Bar top floor of the palms! Drinks, pictures, undercover Narc? Nope just a douchebag trying to act cool...(he thought Sunny was going to hit him!) leave Palms, hit the casio, bed...Sat, sure, ohh 90 min sales pitch....dont think so....greasy spoon, how do you like your eggs....."cooked" hahahh....cute waitress, light shopping for some souvioners, hotel, more walking, motorcycle trip to red for me, lunch, single deck black jack....nap, foutian show at Bellagio, Dinner @ Tao (Food SUCKED) club rocked! Awesome people, fun time, great music....girl fight, girls getting naked, lots of people, Chipawaa st connection that led to Dolphin connection that led to Promo person for next time...back to PH, slots, hit on by multiple hookers, bed (ALONE) thank you very much!
wake up, hung over, check out head to Mandalay, walk around, lunch, sightseeing, drinks ar red square, then off to the airport for me! Redeye home, shitty weather, but still managed to play 18 holes in the charity tourny! wpheew....Im beat!

hola' pendahoe! its cinco de mayo! what are you doing reading this....go out and drink a corona! Tequila! Margarita! Mezcal! What ever, its cinco de mayo go have fun get smashed like a pinata!

Heres a quick update for you all.....Regaee fest last week up in Sugerloaf Maine rocked! Skiing in 50 degree weather and drinking an endless supply of Newport Storm Beer, in the sun and on the slopes...what could be better...I met a couple of really interesting gals, and skiied my ass off....then sunday we came back to RI to have a 65 degree day!!!! Tuesday I drove a nice mercedes clk amg55 up to the auction block in the am, and later that afternoon did a killer photo shoot on the lake! I Dropped the docks and boat in yesterday, and took the madien voyage with my buddy Jamie....lots of new homes, and some for sale if anyones looking! supposed to be 70 Friday, so I may end up taking a run or 2....hopfully I will not be sick on monday!

Dude, a whole month has passed and boy do I have a lot to say...but first, check out the newly revised photo section with all 8 years of Hell pictures up an on the site. Also Booty Call episodes and new navagation page, some new photos of Birthdays, and other events, and later tonight a new update on life in general that is sure to entertain!

Damn, I just love my life...Now I know what your going to say...why? what happened this weekend to prompt such a huge statement....the quick response is not much diffrent that any other gatherings, dinner, ohh did I mention the Bartenders Ball!!!! Yup here we are the first sunday in March already, and you know what that means...time for all the service people to cut loose, dress up and let the good times roll! So last night, besides hanging with all my favorite bartenders, staff, owners, and distributers....and of course my friend Mike who makes it all happen year after year...I got to hang out with the hottest & sweetest models, while drinking in a tux! I know, it is the same thing every year, but it still is wicked fun to dress up and rub elbow's with the likes of Sean Combs....check out the pics, and stick around for the big Corona St Pattys day party!


Hi everyone & Happy belated new year! So sorry that I suck and have not been updateing, but life has been hetic lately and I have been working my fingers to the bones! Anyway that has left little time for fun and excitement, and less time to write about it. We did have a pretty good poker game last week, 4 guys and a $300 pot = IOU slips out on the street.....Little Willy did a good job cleaning up the place! Anyway, those pictures are up on his site, and I have updated my one policical blog that I do so check it out.

Hi everyone! So this weekend was yet another crazy one...I started Tuesday night with a concert, and went straight until Sunday night! Concerts, parties, bars, babes, wine, steak, models, VIP, and that was just the tip of the iceberg...amongst all that I still had to find time to work, and sleep....well ok not really sleep, but work nonetheless! So for all of you that joined me this week my romp around the state...I hope you enjoyed your self as much as I did!

I hope you all have a safe and delicious holiday! Don't eat too much turkey and milk or you may get triptafane poisoning! (Don't worry it just makes you sleepy)

"Those 4 little words!"
Normally I would not title a blog entry, however in this case I am!
Those 4 little words...."Buy me a drink" First of let me say how infuriating it is to me that a young woman would demean herself for $2.00. That being said get ready for a rant.

I don't know you, your not that hot, and I work hard for my money....what makes you think that because your standing next to me, or in a close proximity to me that I should buy you a drink. I don't know your name, don't plan on sleeping with you, have no desire to talk to you, and now that I think about it do not find you attractive one bit...the fact that I am wasting time writing about this incident infuriates me more!

If you are going to try to pull this move off....don't let those 4 little words be the first thing out of your mouth...Try "hello" or "hey whats up" maybe a little chit chat first....I mean "buy me a drink" right out of the box is like trying to have sex with no foreplay!

Thus, I did not buy her a drink! Ohh and if you have a skanky friend she should refrain from calling the target calling cheap...(way to win a guy over)

I laughed in her face!



Well, it happened again! What is it about Halloween and Jello Shots that makes me feel like I am back on Hillsborough St! Those who were there for the Hall Crawls know what I am referring too!

Once again Karlie had her annual Halloween party, and as always she did a wonderful job being the hostess with the most-ess! Check out the photos in of last night on the pic's page...(note: all Willy's photos are on his site) you won't find them here!

Quote of the night: "I like those corn fed mid-western know!"

Runner up: "Thats not true, you can't milk the prostate!"

(both quotes from the same girl!)

What a weekend! I gave up a trip to Fla with my boys to stay in RI and see a band I have waited to see since 2002! All I can say is they did not dissapoint....Seether Rocked! I got to meet Shawn before the show and have a beer, then rocked out for over an hour....check out the pictures, I got to hang upstairs for a while and got some great shots! After the show and a wardrobe change I hit up Olives, for Something Else bands last few sets. Danced my ass off, partied with a bunch of ladies Audra served up a few rounds of Sex w/ an alligator, your basic debauchery...The night ended with a gormet breakfast at my place, and ended around 5am.

Then Sunday both our teams kicked some ass....The Pats beat out Miami, and the Sox are going to the world seris!
All in all a pretty stellar weekend!

What a life!!! I am trying to recover from a weekend of crazy parties, bands, beer, block island, casino trips, new restaurents, Roxy, Monet, girls in bikinis and little lace numbers, and of course the hangover (or lack thereof)

I’m not even sure I can get it all on paper fast enough to not forget….Friday night was Temple then Redroom, a few hours sleep and then hit the beach house party where we rocked out till 11pm sat night….then it was a quick (supposedly) trip to Foxwoods….after a record setting night (for some of us) we headed back home…home by 5am, sleep till 8am and then head to Block island for the kick off the weekend Band party with Something else…Ballards opens at 12, and at 12:03 we were drinking tequila and corona. Party and dance for a few hours….hit the ocean to sober up and keep hydrated…dance with everyone who can keep up and then sprint to the 5:45 ferry. Just make the ferry, meet some great people who decided to hang out later on that night….shower, change clothes, grab a beer, head to the hill for a bite to eat at salute…2 bottles of wine and a few more drinks later (ps that was the only thing to eat all day) it was off to Monet for “Lust” linegere party….rock out the vip there for a bit…saw some famiular faces, and then bounced to Roxy for the white party with Louis Devito…popped a few drinks there before heading up to the condo to finish the night off with a little after-hours and one more night cap.
Monday….ouch….recovery day…cook some eggs, watch some tv sleep….invite some friend over for steaks on the grill….guess what…more beer….Some drunk girls showed up we had a fire, drank some more….played some fooseball and then it was time to spend some quality alone time in bed....some time sleep is just more imortant!

I know I missed some stuff on there….so write me and tell me what I forgot!!!

Lets just say this labor day was a very memorable those of you who helped me live it up this weekend, a sincere thank those of you who I just met, or didn't meet up with this most sincere appoligies. You missed a hell of a time!


Hey everyone, I've gotta tell you, last night was boys night out, and all I can saw is wow! First we had a nice leisurely drive in a pimped out 1985 shaggin wagon to Foxwoods, then an amazing dinner, great wine, and dessert, compliments of Jimmy!

Then it was off to the tables, anyway the premis to black-jack is simple....take cards untill you get to 21, or as close to 21 as you can without going over....some of the boys really suck at this....others were really really good. Jamie was teaching me the secrets of the game while Mark showed me what NOT to do. Anyway we had a blast, we even got to tell some jokes, and I won some money! What a night!

Hump day is by far my fav day of the week...not just because it is 1/2 way to the weekend, but it is my famous night for letting loose and shaking off the monday blues....thats about all I care to say right now as I nurse my 2nd coffee and umtenth caffinated soda...except saying that I never had so much fun playing a game I know nothign about... ohh and pics are updated!

FIOS rocks, and saves me $70 a month on what I was paying cox... Temple the new place over by the state house!!!! wow! unreal inside and a bar that makesyou feel like you've left Providence, and headed straight on 95 south for 2 hours....yes silly I mean NYC, underground, dark, sleek elegant, and more hotties than I have seen out in teh city in a while! After that we hit Monet for a drink or 2 then XO for last call before the condo party that lasted untill the sun came up!

Sunday was the Jazz Fest in Newport, were I got to hang with Chevy Chase, and see Al Green and BB day lots of sun, and of course Corona, then back to J.Pond for an amazing 15 minute in your face fire works coming soon!

What a weekend....Sat was a true test of my partying skills....9am Folk Fest @ Ft Adams in Newport...99 degrees, 6000 people and one huge beer line, 124 cases or corona gone in less than 8 hours. Lucky for me I was backstage in the VIP tent! Then after the Allman Bros I made a mad dash to Providence Piers where the WBRU summer concert seris # 2 was taking place. I got to see Shiny toy Guns & the Bravery, again of course from the side of the stage VIP under a nice tent with private bathrooms and a fully stocked bar...I know you hate me right now, but at least you can live vicarously thru me! After the Bravery show I shot down to Harbourside to see my buddies Something Else play a few sets, and have a few adult beverages....then it was off to Providence to Kurrnets aka Moda aka Grappa aka you know the place between The Hot club and Fish Co....then finally after closing all the be continued! for now go look at the photo page!


Finally finished the new Harry Potter, been skiing like a mad-man, and trying to enjoy the little summer we have left. Beach'd it once or twice at Ballards, and we got the ski show on the 12th. WBRU Summer concert seris, and some amazing shows coming up soon @ Lupos...

ohhh boy! where do I start....Barfights, and lobsters, blue-berry's and beers, captain and running water, & a three bladed fan....replaceing fuel filters in parking lots while it is pouring rain, the trailer king, lost glasses, lost hat, lost tee shirt, lost cigar, lost coozie, lost brain cells, lost lunch, broken ski rope, broken whinch, 2-4 foot white caps...RAT BRAIN!

Just look at the photos


So has everyone been having a good summer so far? I certianly have been living it up. Besides the normal water ski schedule and playing on the lake, it has been a busy busy few weeks. 5 concerts, Fireworks, Block island trips, promos, golf tourny's, and of course the regular nights out to the regular watering holes....all and all it has been an alright time, and when I am not doing one of the above, it is work work work, sleep...

Pic's from the Poison concert are on the way, as well as some from the Wbru summer concert series #1, so check back in a week or so!

Ladies and finally happened! I have made one lucky woman very happy! Yesterday with a little (ok LOTS) of help from my new friend Jill I chopped off my ponytail for donation! Jill from Prima Deana salon (650 Greenwich ave) on rt 5 did the deed at 3:40 friday all of those who know me well will appreciate this story... I met Jill after a Godsmack show @ mohegan sun arena, where after a long night of debauchry (not with her) we threw back a few drinks in the Starbar...Any way long story short many shots & pictures later Jill says she works in a salon, and does Locks for love all the time....I grab a card throw it in my pocket and forget about it for a while..... Me being the intstant gradifacation person I am decided to call on a whim and say " I need to come in asap and cut my hair" Jill sensing the urgency in my voice said come on by....and the rest is history....chop chop, a few razor slits later and I got my wig busted! If your local and want a cool new place to get your hair done check them out...waxing mani pedi etc...401-921-6490

So today I met and hung out with BILL shit, no joke the real deal president of the good old USA....I promise to post a picture for all you non believers.

Thanks for remembering my B day! If you were at the party the pics are up....for those who could not make it I am sorry we had fun....but hey there is always next year!

I know I know I suck....I once again have left the 3 people who actually read this high and dry for a month! But hey I have a good see I was out taking pictures, and getting primed up for the summer! First off a congrats to my boy Mike who is now the D.M for Corona! So if that is not enough indication of how cool this summer will be, I dont know what is. Next off a huge Congrats to my buddy Sean who is having another little rug-rat! Finally the good stuff.....I spent last night hanging out with my buddy Donnie, and GODSMACK! yeah thats, Donnie, Frank (huge thanks to Frank) and Rooster! We not only spent the entire show in the sound booth, got to hear the sound check, got to chill on the tour bus, watch load in/out....I'm talking a entire show expirence. Photos are up...well the ones I could post anyway! and stick around for some updates to the site....I'm not telling what, but you will like it! Ohh and for all you local yokels....check out the food at Local 121 (121 Washington St) for not only a killer bar & restaurant, but some really cool people....heck I spent 6 hours there last week...and got to see Cool Hand Luke three times!

Road trip! Ya gotta love it this weekend I made a nice trip to Va to see one of my best buddies get married...what a great weekend! Besides seeing everyone, and drinking with new friends, I met some really nice people, and got some wonderful pictures. The drive home was not so great, but I did manage to stop in DC and visit the Holocust museam & walk around the city for a little while....I will say I recomend that everyone go at least once. It can truly make us think before election times. Anyway, new pictures are up in the club section, and the wedding pics. Enjoy


Well life is still good and as summer rolls around it seems everyone is happy again, parties are starting to be planned, the birds are out, and hell it is even warming up outside. Over all people seem to go out more, and that means less time on the internet, less time myspacing, and Im'ing. I am happy about that, but that also means less updates on my page. Yea RIGHT! Summertime means more pictures, more parties, and more fun fun fun in the sun!


I am not sure if I have said this before, but I really do love my life....Thursday night, Coors Light Maxim Party @ Avalon in Boston! VIP Party, free beer, and girls, girls, girls. That ended about 1am, and then a 3 hour drive in a total white out snow storm to Killington Mt. in Vt. Blew out my 4 wheel drive, and a tie rod on the drive. Friday morning, 20" of fresh fluffy powder! Skiing was amazing....4pm hit the Outlook for free wings, and a few beers....9pm headed over to the Night Spot to see "Something Else Band". Bars close @ 2 after party starts at 2:15....sleep 3 hours repeat!

Yes it is once again singles awareness day! VD day to most, but I refuse to celebrate such a media driven, commercially exploited holiday. I see no reason to spend obscene amounts of money on a mediocre meal, overpriced chemically preserved flowers, or cheesy cards. Why do we need one day to "show our love"? Why can't we show each other how much or how little we love each and every day....yes I know sometime we get a little carried away, but geez....

So that in mind Here is my take on Feb 14th:

IF your in a relationship....(ha ha go have an overpriced crappy meal, and spend $40 more than normal on roses, ooh and the card! don't forget the card!)

f your single..... get off your ass, stop feeling sorry for yourself! Think of all the schmucks who are throwing money away for nothing Valentines day is a commercial driven holiday!


lots of singles go out tonight! Trust me I have been single for hmmm...27 of these glorious so called holidays! Go out, Find someone else who is single, divorced, mad that their b/f or g/f did not get them the deluxe box of godiva, or find the person who is lonely and depressed they have no-one and have mad freaky monkey sex!

Me, I don't need one day to show my love for someone....instead I show them that affection all year long....(aww I know how sweet) you must be can such a sweet guy be alone on Valentines day.....the awnser is simple.....By choice!

So I'll see you at the bar tonight!



I'm your bud light singing guy! And I won a pair of ski's! Not me but check out the video clip!

Yes it finally happened! After what felt like a decade, I finally made it back to Raleigh....As much as things changed, it was still the same old stomping grounds. I got to see a few dear friends, and share a few pints. Pictures and more memories to come!

Hey hey hey, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time and a safe holiday....Me, I had a quite night home alone with a bottle of 1927 Chateau de bullshit! Come on now, me stay home! Get outa here, I was partying my ass off @ Automatic Slims, but that was at the end of the trip, we hit up the hot body contest at La Playa on the intercostal, and who can forget the meal at Cafe Martarano! For all the good times, and a guest appearance from Lil Willy check out the photos!

Holiday parties galore, and still trying to battle a cold....check out the smoking hot pictures from Hell's Party Monster Theme night! And Merry Chrismaka, Happy Kwanza, and all that jazz.

Just a few weeks away from who's ready to party?

Flew home with Sully & the guys from Godsmack after a show they did in Ft Lauderdale!


Come on ppl....its a holiday weekend....your supposed to be thankfull for the fun we have, deal with at least one family quarrel, and then go out and meet up with old friends, or people you have never met but immeaditly fall in love show some love here....drop in and say hi, not just o me but all the other people on your friends lists you never

So I was one of a handfull of judges who had the task of picking the next Coors Light Maxim Model for the 2006 model search! What fun....and although the girl I voted for came in a close second, I think we did a good job overall in picking the regional girl. Pictures are up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Also pictures from the 2 year party@ pearl are also up. I went to see Disturbed & Stone Sour last night @ the head is still ringing from that show....LOUD, but a great show none the less. Friday is Angels & Airwaves, then the Black party on Sat.

Pictures from Halloween are coming up in a day or so....but untill then check out the ones I put up now!



Happy Halloweenie! Hope you all went out trick or treating....I was partying my ass off @ atomic slims in Ft Lauderdale....anyway I had no camera, and hope to have some pictures from the people I was partying with. You can look foward to seeing them as soon as I get my grubby little paws on them!

Barbra aka Babs was AB FAB! we had like 10th row seats and the show was awesome....of course for the price she had better be! After the show we ended up hitting the halloween party and staying out till almost 5am!

Alright pictures are up to the tune of about 107 total!!! Last weekend was a blast, and of course this past wed night was great....theme party "dirty old men & school girls" Any way enjoy the pictures, and keep looking for updates, there is big party on the horizion and of course halloween! Let me know what your costumes will be this year, and always....if you do not like a picture of yourself on the site, tell me which one and what section its in and I will remove it.

Well the lack of updates have been due to a health condition which I am very happy to report was caused by a dumb doctor and a flawed test! SO, I am fine and have an "extended warrenty" as wendol put it! This means a big night of drinking and celebration....when you ask....when ever I see you next of course!

UPDATE!!! New pictures and some other hidden stuff.....check out the pictures from Sundbergs Poison hamburg party....last year he had a deck collapsing party....I think this is the last time I go to his house parties.....I mean I almost die on a deck last year, this year 5 of us almost die or E coli! Then the Cops show up....should have given them a burger!

Woke up early and Uncle Matt, & Uncle Mike and I took lil willy to his very first Pats game! What a day....we did it, jack and coke, grilled ham and plates, no silverware, no grill tools....but PATS fans are the best....walk around and people just give you what ever you need....ended up we ate like kings....bacon wrapped scallops, Shish Kaboabs, cake, beer, popcorn....hell yea ohh and we beat the BILLS! check out the pictures!

So besides concerts, and frequent late night outings not too much is going on. School is finally back which means a new cru of freshman getting into trouble, and packing the bar scene... I have been slacking off on uploading pictures lately, mainly because some of them are a little more than some people would care to have posted, but Sunberg has a party this weekend, so there should be some good ones from that. Last weekend was a wash out down at Bevis's, but that did not stop us from partying like wet rockstars, and then hitting the casino for some late night gamblin! Many of us managed to have a three way with booz, drugs, and lucky guy got a five way.....figure it out on your own. Looking foward to snow boarding this winter so hit me up if you want to take a trip out west. Also keep checking out the site for some new links....

What the hell! Does anyone read this crap....send me some love...say dirty to me...just do something and maybe I will update this more!!!

Alright I am not one for the stupid surveys, and the awnser in five minutes or you will spontainisly combust I just want to know what people remember (if anything) about I am not concided....I prefer to think of it as remembering the good times, or bad times, or what an ass I was/ am, or the time we got arrested. Perhaps I hit on your sister just to piss you off....perhaps we dated behind your back. No I am not her babys father! What about the time we lit the couch on fire, or threw someone in the pond with all their clothes on in Nov. The time I forced you to drink even though you knew you shouldn't because you had to get married in the morning, or the good old coin flip to see if we were driving to Muncie IN or Ft Lauderdale FL.

Drop a comment to me and I will return the story with one of my own!.....choose not to and you will spend eternity in the bowels of hades with ben-gay for sunscreen, and pee lava (some of you can relate to this) (you know who you are)

extra points for pictures!


Busy Busy Busy....finally settled in the new office, and just starting to get our life back together work wise....Been going to concerts like mad: Poison, Buck Cherry (great show) and a ton of others....check the list! Moved into my new place, and putting as much time as possible in on the lake wakeboarding, skiing, etc. Lots of the pictures I promised to put up got corrupted 8-( so its gonna be a little while before I get some new ones on here....Drop me a line folks I miss my fans!

Yea thats right 666 sign of the beast....were all going to hell!

So for all who know me....yes I had a birthday on the was a fun time even though I refused to celebrate. Thanks for all the people who called and emailed me.....I was flat out shocked by some of the people who called & some who didn't! You know who you are!!! Of course I expected some people not to call or email, and they didn't, but 2 people specifficly really really pleasently proved me wrong.

Got some freaking awesome presents, none of which I will mention here, and ended up heading down to the casio with the boys: Jamie, Matt, Jon & Sunny. It was supposed to me a low key night just some drinks and hanging out. It turned into a slug fest, drunk fest, and full out water fight! Did I mention that the water fight took place in a car, while driving, far exceding the speed limit! Well there are no pictures, and there is no "notible mention" of other conversations happeings etc.

Ended up goign to the Staind & Three Days Grace show on Sunday! WOW talk about a rock show....unreal and LOUD got some good pictures which I will post soon.


I have to give a big hooha to the guys in the band. "SOMETHING ELSE BAND" I have been heading to shows for about a year now and all I can say is fun fun fun. Anyway here is a link to their site, pictures, schedules, videos etc. Check them out if you can you will be glad you did!


New pictures including (Latextacy, Something else band, Gill & Michelle's wedding) summers near work is so overrated and time consuming, stick with me because once we hit July there will be tons & tons of party pictures!

Yes over a month my friends, unfortunatly with all that is going on I have had little time to fill you all in, and keep you abreast of the fun and crazy time that have been happening. (you didn't miss much) Some new pictures are up, and more to come as the winter is finally behind us! Stay tuned for Tokens three B's (beer, beach, bikini) sure to make even the most misrible person smile.

Say hello to my lil friend.... Such a great line that has been used way to much lately! Anyway Lil Willy has his own page now, so click here for the introductions. Last week was the Killington Ski trip, last one of the year, and what fun.....from "wicked good Pizza" to 6am after parties, skiing snow boarding, fish bowling gondolas and flying chairs it was a blast. The perfect way to end winter and welcome summer. Anyway look at the photos! I got St Patty's day, Becky's 80's party, and of course the ski trip with Lil Willy

That's right playas! Bartenders Ball pictures are here! This was the 10th year, and of course yours truly was there to celebrate! Next year will be a new location, and more debauchery for all, stick around for the details.....also the vampire ball pictures are up from Ash Wednesday!


Damn it has been a long time.....I needed some inspiration and boy did I get it over this past week. The past few months have been miserable, work, projects, delays, stupid people doing stupid things, you get the idea.....Anyway, the past few days I spent up in Bethel Maine at Sunday River, skiing my ass off and partying like a rock star, or harder than american idol, but not quite Tommy Lee. So what happened you ask, well.....why ask when you can look at the pictures.....I have most of them here but some are being emailed to me so there will be a delay! Stay tuned for more adventures!

Wow so much has changed I don't know where to start. First off I want to wish all of you a happy holiday! Thanks for reading this, since I am guessing most of you come here for the pictures anyway! I have added the "" series of Booty Calls to the site. As for Foamy the Squirrel visit to see the most recent clip, and all the previous ones too. As holidays usually get people busy I will be posting my card for all to view....I hate the post office, and don't feel like going there to send you all a card you will most likely trash anyway, so check back soon for Tokens Holiday greetings....Bah Humbug!

Lots of new things on the site....picture page has a new layout and the wedding photos from Mark & Tonia are up. Also there is a "new stuff" section for all the links that you have been requesting....I guess you got tired of looking high and low for the list of definitions and the golf game. Enjoy, and stay tuned for a section dedicated to "" and Foamy the squirrel.


Last night was the BBC's charity date auction with proceeds going to "The Tomorrow Fund" What a great time for a good cause, open bar and buffet, and some of the cutie's from the club up for grabs. Avg price was about 300-400, with one of the girls going for 1400! I was the "escort" and the pictures are up....hows that for turn around time! Tonight is the Our Lady Peace concert at Lupos....hope to have some pictures from that as well! Stay tuned

Ok so lately I have felt like crap and been pretty bored ....could be that the summer is winding down, could be that we have been partying non stop. When I say partying I don't necessarily mean all night bashes drinking and fornicating....but partying in general....weddings, stag parties, charity date auctions, poker night, beach house parties, weddings, you get the idea. With the winter months fast approaching and of course Halloweens right around the corner you will all have your fill of pictures in the next few weeks. With that said I will be adding a concert page with pictures and video from all the summer concerts I have been to, this will be online with in a week so check back often.


So Katie & Mike did it. An boy oh boy did they really do it!
What a night it was, I wish I could remember everything that happened and list it all here, but if I did thinks me would be in a lot of trouble! What I am saying is go look at the pictures!


Yea I know I have been slacking off on the updates, but damn it has been a busy summer. It seems like non stop partying and working, between Hell, Harbourside, weddings, bachelor parties, concerts, and a 80 hour work week, I have neglected you my readers. Last week we had a trip to Atlantic City, and I hope to get some pictures up here soon. I also have some hot new pictures from all the summer concerts I have been to....and even some video footage. I was lucky enough to finally see Offspring play live at the Vans warped tour. What a day that was! I got to crowd surf and everything! I will try to hook the pictures up in the coming days....till then check out or something!



Well well well....It seems I have been slacking in the update dept. Lots of stuff has been going on lately, first off Good luck to Lucas who is off to Iraq. Weddings, engagements, birthdays, and other special occasions, congratulations and best wishes to all. Now that being said, check on the photo page for some tasty pictures of the NIN concert last weekend, and stay tuned for some Red Sox pictures as well. Summer is right around the corner and you all know what that means....the 5 B's....BBQ, Beach, Boats, Beer & Bikinis!


Hello everyone sorry for the delay, but I am finally in one place long enough to do an update. Last month was spectacular! I was in Venice for Carnival le, and just returned from Vail and Aspen. Pictures are online as of 2 minutes ago, enjoy the amazing Rocky Mtns. And as for all the people who got schooled in Foosball, if your reading this you never had a chance!


Ok so the Pat's did it again! cant wait to see the game this weekend! Remember to send in pictures from your camera phone! and drop a note on the tag board! Hope to hear from some visitors soon!


Hi everyone, or no one! Just saying hello and nothing new is going on! Life is good but boring and Mike's surprise party went off without a hitch! Your now an OLD MAN mike!


Check out the NYE 2004 pictures and some others on the top of the page

News 1-3-05 Happy New year to everyone! I hope you like the new layout of the site....notice I tried to make it more interactive, with a chat board, and a place to have all you visitors send in some pictures via your camera phone...I hope to have some pictures up from parties on NYE!

So, it has been a few months since my last update...lots of stuff has happened, but i have been too damn busy to update the site. I am still working on a huge overhaul of the site, but that project has been sidelined for now. Red sox won the world series, I made a quick trip to New Orleans, and a short stint in Mexico....guess what....I got wicked bad food not in Mexico, in New Orleans! If you go there dont go to Bubba Gumps! Instead try a place called Murials! Its the best! also there is a place you can have lunch for $10 and drink 10cent martinis! I will be back with more pictures and some more news stay tuned!

Friday the 13th...Well like always the updates are sparce, I just got back from a nice little trip to Ireland (for work) and have been playing catchup ever since. Got some great new pictures to post very soon, and a bachelor party in Canada coming up. Summer is winding down here, and it seems like everyone is throwing parties. Newport Storms party is the 21st tickets are available at A big shout out to Jen, Shannon, and all my other new friends from hell! Stick around for the big upcoming design change that I have been promising. Until then drop me a line and let me know who the hell is looking at this site!

Whats up people! I just got back from Jamaica mon! Where everything is always "irie" and the motto is "no problem mon" I was there for 8 days to see my friend Jamie get married! What a great time....60 people traveled to the ceremony, and we had a blast. Then I had a short stint in Hedonism III which was quite the experience. I met some pretty f'ing crazy people there, and some famous ones at that too....I also met a very very nice girl from Russia. Pics are up so what are you still doing reading!!!!?

Jeez someone deserves a spanking! 3 months between updates is not what I much to do so little time... Recent things: Trip to Belfast City Ireland, Jamie's Bachelor Party in Montreal, (hey seth the girls over there have candles and are....seth....seth?) spending all of 10 days the month of may home! things have been hectic, but thursday night Harbourside's are back, and summer time is here!

I had a great birthday (thanks for the gifts) notice the scarsism! Damn people show me some love and look at my amazon gift list! I Was recently re-united with some old friends, had a 10 year reunion for high school, planning to be in Jamaica soon for Jamie & Aimee's weeding, then a stint in Hedo III for a little R&R. I met Masumi Max last month in Ft Lauderdale, she was amazing, and I got to hang out back stage with her and the chain goddess!

Whats up kids! Just got back from my favorite city in the usa! That's right Vegas baby! And what a trip, in the middle of spring break, middle of the NCAA tourney, and let me tell you March Madness was all over the place. Flair bartender comps, the international pizza show, did I mention vip guest list at all the hot spots! Ohh yea just writing about it makes me want to hop a flight back there. But due to a unfortunate roulette experience I will have to postpone it for a while! Anyway the pictures that I can put up (g-r rated) will be here shortly, the others...well you know the saying....what happens in vegas...

ohh yes, here it it monday afternoon. Just a few hours ago many of us were living it up at the 8th Bartenders Ball. Gotta say I was a little disappointed this year. I expected a lot of crazy things from a lot of crazy people. Only a few pictures this year, check back soon to see them. On a side note after many many requests I have decided to put up the "f'd up sex definitions" look for
the link on the picture page.
So you may have noticed some new pictures on the site...Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Pub Crawl...well those are just a preview of what is to come. This Sunday March 7th will be the night....the Bartenders Ball! A time when once a year we get all the service people together in a room on the 18th floor of the Biltmore Hotel and party like rock stars all night long! keep an eye out for the pictures, and Call in sick monday!

Breaking news...Well not really, Patriots win the superbowl over Panthers....this is a sore subject for all my pals down in Raleigh, bt rest assured I won my money betting on Carolina. Stay tuned for the pictures from the Jay Peak Promo, and coming soon is the legendary Bartenders Ball!

Welcome to the lovely winter months of 2004. I hope everyone had a good holiday, and got some great presents! I was disappointed that none of my devoted fans got me anything off my wish list! Maybe I will have to make it mandatory for a future update. Anyway Not much to report besides snow and below freezing temps. I will have some pictures to post soon, and will be doing a major overhaul of the site in the coming months. Also I will be adding a new page with some interesting material on it which will require a different password, stay tuned!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great turkey day....Holiday time is upon us and we just had our first big snow storm of the season. Lots of new stuff on the site....can you find it all? Pictures of my new pad are up, along with a holiday wish case you want to send me a present <wink wink> stay tuned for more pictures and some "big" news which is in the works...

Man's perfect day! A very funny sound clip....R+ rated! (not for work)

After a long weekend and some work on the internet I have noticed some people have started putting their wish lists from amazon online. I have had one for quite some time, but never thought of making it public....Until now. So if you like the site and are feeling generous (or afraid of a picture I might post of you) click here to buy me something!

Happy Halloween

Just back from a trip over to England, still working on the renovations, and will most likely have some before and after pictures soon....keep checking in for updates! Added some new pictures too!

Happy Birthday Steph!

10-02-03 (Bacardi Red Hot Road Trip)
Yes yes is that time of year again, the Bacardi tour is rolling into town. Be sure to stop by if your in the area, Thur -Black Point, Fri - Keg Room, and Sat- Deja Vu! Stay tunned for all the wild pictures next week!

8-19-03 (Today is Kristen's B-day! Happy Birthday sweetie!)
Wow I can not believe I have gone over a month without doing an update. So much has been going on. A few weeks ago we took a road trip to Pitt, and saw 311, Blink, Trapt, Def Leppard, a rocking weekend to say the least. Then the following weekend we took another road trip to Montreal! All I can comment about that trip is that the city was not all that impressive, but the bars, and the nightlife made up for it. I am sure that this trip left a "lasting impression" on some of the people. This past weekend was the Newport Storm Luau, and that like last year was a fun filled day of great beer, good friends, and lots of pig, thanks to the boys of Newport Storm for the memories....and the hangovers. The construction is still taking place, hopefully it will be done at the end of the month, perhaps just in time for a Labor Day Party. I will try to get some new pictures up here....stay tuned for that.

Well it was an interesting weekend... Friday night was a big party at "the Manor" which is another name for Mike, Mark & Keith's place. It was a great party, celebrating their newly acquired bar...I am surprised that the police never showed up because it was loud and we went till about 5am, which is when Mike broke his hand. (don't ask) Saturday was supposed to be beer die, which I unfortunately missed do to the renovations I am doing in my house. Finally last night was the Poison concert, this year with Vince Neil and Skid Row. What a show! Shauna & Beth came along for the 1st time, our seats were ok, but we ended up in the vip section (damn I'm good) and had a server keep bringing us beer all night! Eventually we ended up 5 feet from the stage. In all a super night. Pictures to follow, so stay tuned!

So it is the start of the summer....skiing at 6am, getting towed in at 8am Harbourside Thursdays, warm weather, etc. The last few weeks have been really shitty...lots of issues with work, lots of problems to solve, lots of B.S. But that should all be behind me now....and hopefully this summer will be like the good 'ol days, and it will actually get warm! For all who missed my huge birthday blow out, I am truly sorry, there's always next year, but I will try to top it with a pig roast....stay tuned for details!

next @ the Manor, "St. Natty's day" & Poison concert!

Golf game I found....

The last few months since the bartenders ball have been hetic...but quite a bit has been happening. Many trips to sunny Florida, and many late nights on the town. Some damn cold weather, but finally summer time is here. Last week Mark, and Jamie came down to FL. for the airshow. We partied like rockstars, most nights till 5-6am. Sobe was hot!! and I am not talkin about the temp. We went to Nikki Beach on Sunday night! What a place....It was by far the best club I have seen in a LONG time... Then we checked out "Flute". A new place that opened that Friday, right across from "Joes" and spent some time with a very lovely lass there. All in all a great weekend.

Last night was the coveted Bartenders Ball....This is a legendary event which takes place only once a year (thank god) and is just an amazing time. Picture the top floor of a huge hotel, and probably all the beer & liquor you have ever seen in your life. Now add 300-500 people in formal attire and some music. It is a recipe for a good night,this was my third year, and they just keep getting better and better. We must have had 20 or so of us there last night and let me just say wow! Bacardi, Turi, some infusion oranges, and shots made for an interesting time. To get a better visual of this event there are pictures! Yes and it's a good thing to because most people don't remember alot of what goes on the next morning. Of course if you don't remember it...

Ladies and gent here is the 411 on the past weekend. A group of us planned a trip to Atlantic city to see the UFC which was @ 8pm. Since there was 8 of us 2 cars was needed. The first group left at 11:30. Mark, Mike & I were "supposed" to leave at 2. we left at 4. By some miricle (and some outstanding driving) we made it and were in our seats for 9! Kudos to Capt. Lucky for his amazing driving. Atlantic sity was fun, the night clubs are great, the people alright, comparison to vegas....none!

Just wanted to let all those people who heard about the terrible fire in Warwick RI know I was not involved, however some friends of mine were. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy

You can never have too much of a good thing right?
I just returned from yet another trip to the promise land. January 24th will always have a special place in my heart & mind, as I arrived back in "my" city. This was a Jihad of sorts, and I was accompanied by one of my very best friends a "vegas virgin" who allowed me to ease him through his first time.
The only real thing I can is a place you have to see to believe, and no matter how many visits they will never be the same. What I thought was "the best thing since indoor plumbing" the first time, was about as Hot as a volcano on the sun this time around. (stay tuned for the pictures)
but...What happens in Vegas.....Stays in Vegas!

I had the pleasure of meeting Avril Lavigne here is a picture

I have seen the promised land....Viva Las Vegas!
Check out the new pictures, unfortunately some of the people did not want to be seen doing all the illicit acts, so these pictures are tame compared to what really went on!

What a night, what a night, lot of happenings since the last update, last weekend was a Halloween party at a friends house, which ended up being an amazing night that I am glad I had my camera to remember it with. Last night was the FNX lingerie ball, and what started out as a slow night ended up being F-ing great. Unfortunately the pictures may never make it to the viewing public due to some issues with skin. (too much) Any way enjoy the halloween pics and I will be back at you soon!

well another Bacardi tour has come to a screeching hault, and the bus has pulled out of town on its way up to Boston Ma. Unfortunately I will not be going to follow them this year. All the pictures are posted, some better than others, but hey who am I to judge! A new club opening in the next week or so, and I will have the first pictures here so stay tuned.

Yes I know I have been a very bad boy! not taking the time to update, no new content well fear not I have new pictures, and some news. I have been putting together a video summary of my summer and it is almost ready to be uploaded so stay tuned while I edit the final clips! Till then check out the new Bacardi pre party pics. The party is this weekend in providence, and is sure to be a blast. Don't believe? see the pics from last year!

again lack of time = lack of updates, had a party for the 4th, nice keg of newport storm amber, some burgers and some absinthe! I got a new motorcycle this past week, and been hitting the pond almost every chance I get. Met some great new friends this past week to. Keep an eye out for some new pics!

new stuff in the picture section, working hard, partying like rock stars, and basically still trying to make it to work in the morning. Summer time is upon us and that mean one thing....Harbourside Thurs nights! stay tuned for a more eventful update this week!

Well last night was the Bartenders ball at the Biltmore...All I can say is WOW.
picture all the people that bartend, or club owners, distributors, brewers, etc. Pick a Sunday night, throw a party with open bar and is insane! This is my 2nd time and it just gets better and better! This was the pre game to south beach trip which is in the works!

Valentines day sucks, why do we need 1 day a year to express out love for each other? Shouldn't we be loving and caring all year long? Check out the picture page for an update

How about those New England Patriots! Happy super bowl!
things are good here....back into the swing of things... and some snow is on the way! Time to go skiing!

Well alot is new! I am now missing my appendix! After the Bowl game on Dec 20th I was rushed into the emergency room by a very drunk friend...after being diagnosed, we then preceded to drive 3 hours to Lauderdale, and 2 days later I am operated on...So needless to say I had an interesting 3 week stay in florida

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