Seth is my name, but if your here most of you know that by now.

I love music... Rock, Alt, 80's, industrial, punk, emo, new wave, and even some country, basically anything that dosent suck!!!

I don't often act my age, I'm funny, and always have good jokes

I Live for concerts & shows....anyplace, any time.... Sleep when I can, work too much, spend much too much time on the internet, and always have a camera to take pictures.

I know lots of random strange facts

I love to go out on the town partying with old friends, & making new ones.

One of my Goals was to retire by 35, the other is to find true love, wonder which will happen first!

My Bedtime is always after 2 am, I miss being nieve...I have been called a Tease...and rightfully so...

I like Everyone! So long as you have 1/2 a brain, have a sense of humor, are a bit sarcastic, and like to have fun!

I grew up in Rhode Island, and after high school went to college in North Carolina.
I had a amazing time in NC and made a lot of lifelong friends, many of whom you can see on the site.

If you consider yourself a life long friend email me! I miss hearing from you.
No really send me an email....remember I have lots of pictures, some of which may be incriminating! <joke>

I am an avid photographer, and always have my camera to document the events of the evenings, gatherings, or the crazyness that is my life, or the life of my friends.

A little more about me.
I love photography
I am playfully sarcastic & at times, a joker
I am a Gemini, and a true one at that!

I am currently (trying to perfect the harmonic balance) between working as little as possible & making as much money as possible

I love to travel, whenever possible, where ever, if a concert is involved even better!
I am an avid water skier, and love anything that has to do with the water (cept sailing) thou I could learn!

(update: My three favorite cities are Venice, Vail, and Vegas...last minute trips are always an option for me, just let me know when your going)

This is a quick summary of what makes me tick.....wanna know more....think I left something out?

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