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I have been an avid photographer for over 25 years. I always had and have a camera with me and would take photos of everything from: Landscapes & Industrial Structures, Machinery & Abstract images, Fashion & Runway, Nightclubs & Parites, and events suchs as "Carnival" in Venice Italy, international beer festivals, Car shows and much more.

About 15 years ago I combined my passion for photography with my love of live music...Now music photography is what I focus on!

I have been fortunate enough to shoot inside some of the best music & dance venues in New England.
Many of them had restricted camera policy's or did not allow photography at all.
I currently shoot some of the most attended concerts in New England, or where ever I am traveling.

I have coverd events for Bacardi, Gunniess, Corona, iHeart Media, Local Radio stations, Production & Lighting crews, and many others.

All photos are as shot, and never Photo shopped
They are minimally if at all post processed.
I grew up shooting film, and continue to uphold the principal mentality

"You should capture the moment, not edit the memory"

Some of my more recent photos are available for your viewing pleasure in archive format.
The majority of my work is not published on this web site.
I am happy to provide samples of prior work, depending on subject matter and content.

My photos were recently featured :
PLSN (Production Stage Lighting News.com)
94 HJY

2015 Ski Show Photos!

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